Where to Stay – Hotel or Airbnb?

Choices are endless for travelers when it comes to finding a place to stay.  But which would you choose, a hotel or airbnb? Your choice of accommodation relies on the nature of your travel and your personal preference. Either you are traveling for business or leisure, both have something to offer that can suit your preferences.

Travelers choose their accommodations depending on what fits into their budget. If you prefer traveling for luxury and comfort, then a hotel is the better option for you. Although hotels are pricier, they offer online sales, loyalty programs and reward points where you can redeem upgrades, free nights or other benefits. For those traveling with short timeframes, a hotel stay is likely the better option.

Hotels offer you convenience and it starts with flexibility. Checking in at wee hours after a long haul flight or checking out at the break of dawn will be a seamless process thanks to their 24 hour reception service. Calling for a shuttle service is an advantage that will take some hassle off your traveling.

Location matters a lot. Hotels are mostly in central locations close to tourist spots and transportation lines. Business travelers prefer to be close to where their meetings are and hotels have their own conference rooms where guests can conduct meetings and connect. Most hotels are also conveniently located nearby business or conference centers, making a business traveler’s commute a lot easier.

Hotels are customized to meet your needs. Housekeeping and customer service are provided by a trained staff. They have concierge who assists and guides guests, gives general travel advice and can even make restaurant or transport reservations.

Aside from having a clean and comfortable room for the night, you also have in-room amenities like coffee makers, hair dryers and other essentials. Some hotel room designs are conducive to work productivity for business travelers where there are spacious work desks, power outlets and fast Wifi available.

Complimentary breakfasts are mostly included. Other in-house hotel services such as laundry and pressing, albeit provided with an extra fee, are available. Guests have access to gyms, pools, wellness centers and other facilities.

Hotels have bars and lounges where guests can socialize, have a drink, relax and unwind after a hectic day.

Hotels provide you that feeling of safety. In-room safes, surveillance cameras, guards and onsite staff are present to secure the safety of the guests.

Over the years, since it’s conception in 2008, people are leaning towards Airbnb. Airbnb is a viable and budget alternative to hotels. If you would spend your money on the experience rather than on accommodation but want to have that home-away-from-home experience without having to sacrifice comforts, then Airbnb may be the right fit for you.

Renting an entire home or apartment is something for families or big groups. They can all stay together in one place as opposed to being split into multiple rooms as you would in hotels.

Airbnb is not only cheaper but it wins when it comes to space. You get to rent a house or an apartment with a living area and a kitchen. The atmosphere that you get to feel from staying at a house is worth the deal. Being on vacation and at the same time, still doing things that you normally do at home, is an authentic experience – like, you can grab groceries and do your own cooking or just chill and enjoy your vacation in the privacy of a home.

Modern business travelers are already opting for Airbnbs. Airbnb has now listings of Superhosts that have already met their high standards and ratings. Most companies are renting homes for their teams to stay in. These homes have work spaces, internet access and travel essentials to cater to their needs. Having everyone in one roof is good for productivity and team building.

Airbnb gives you that local feeling. Unlike in hotels where you are surrounded by other travelers, living with or next to locals gives you a feeling of how it is to live in that place.  If you want to explore the neighborhood, who else has the insider knowledge of the area? Your host and the locals, of course. They know the ins and outs of the place. Blending in with them lets you dip into things more, like learning more about their culture and customs firsthand. They can offer you advice on interesting things to do or see, show you around their town or city and even recommend hidden gems most travelers don’t know about.

Whether you choose to book a hotel or Airbnb, you get to decide which of both accommodations meets your needs.

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