Questions to ask in a job interview

Job interviews may be a tad bit stressful but that doesn’t stop you from asking the questions you need to be well-informed about the job that you are applying for.

A one-way interview is as uninteresting as it sounds. The interviewee should be active and be more set about the job.

Not preparing questions to ask your interviewer will make you look like you lack interest in the job. It may even show how unprepared you are which is a big no-no for the interviewer. We all know that every employer only wants smart and earnest employee and job interviews give you that chance to prove your worth.

In asking your questions, you should be poised and confident but not arrogant. There are plenty of questions that can be asked but an interviewee should know when to draw the line. You are on the process of being screened whether you are fit for the job and you should show your best attitude. You need to show that you wanted to be there and that you are committed the do the job.

Here are some questions that you can ask in a job interview.

“What are the duties of the role?”
It is better to get a deeper understanding as to what is the job for. The job posting or job description is but a bland interpretation of what the job is. You need to know what is it exactly that you will be faced with to prepare yourself properly. False expectations will only ruin your mindset and can affect your performance. It is better to ask about specific roles if you are unsure about certain things.

“Do I fit the criteria needed for the job?”
There are a lot of jobs that require a particular set of skills that one may or may not possess. You may be asked by the interviewer beforehand about the qualities and skills in your resume but is that enough? You need to know if you are perfect for the job and it will allow you to discover any potential concerns.

“What other qualities do I need to perform well? What training is involved?”
Showing an interest in learning more skills for better performance will increase your prospects as a candidate. You may also ask them about their training regimen showing interest in developing your skills for the betterment of your role. Companies are mostly interested in loyal employees that are not afraid to learn new things that will be advantageous for the company.

“What does success or professional development look like here?”
A person who is not only knowledgeable about the job and the company but is also highly engaged is a must-hire. Ambition to succeed is characteristic of a hard-working person. The question also showcases the intent to stay in the company with the idea of establishing a position. As a person applying for “the” job, you should also look at the opportunities in moving up. It is better to be aware if there is a path for progression instead of discovering it later on.

“How is your experience of working in this job/company?”
The interviewer’s answer will be a great way to gather information since he/she is an employee of the company. You can get a better understanding of how the company manages and cares for their employee’s work and health-wise. Being informed about this will help you assess if the work suits you and will fit your lifestyle.

“What is the next step?”
Screening employees takes time and sometimes they may or may not get back at you. Asking questions like this will give you an idea of when to expect to hear back from them. This will also give you an answer if there are still steps to be taken after the interview. It is better to be sure than to ponder for a long time.

The questions above are but guides that can help you in choosing what questions to ask in an interview. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to ask all of them. Sometimes some of these questions will be answered during the course of the interview and asking them will make you look like you were not paying attention.

Now all you need is you in your best condition and you will ace that job interview.

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