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Education is the medium for awareness, self-preservation, and performance. Education gives us not only a voice for success but also awareness of social behavior, courage, character, and self-respect. Knowledge of unconditional love and a collection of values is the biggest gift education that offers us. These ideals include the pure distinction between right and wrong, a belief in God, the significance of hard work and self-respect. Education is a constant learning process, learning from individuals, learning from achievements and defeats, learning from leaders and subordinates, and then growing up to become the person that we are supposed to be. Value-based education is a triple development of any person of any gender or age, but most importantly of a child. The training aims to establish three dimensions: biology, attitude, and character. While physics and mentality are important, without the third they are threats because the greatest of these is character. It is precisely in this area that education plays a huge role.

Value-based education is an instrument that not only gives us a career that we can follow but also meaning in life. No doubt the object of our life is to know ourselves and to be ourselves. Until we strive to connect with all of those lives, we cannot do it. It is quite fitting to say that: “‘Know Thyself’ has been published on the ancient world’s gates. ‘Be thyself’ will be written over the door of the new age. “Learning brings us this very knowledge, the most supreme knowledge of understanding ourselves, which helps us make our lives happier and more purposeful. Why don’t we have a system of having an opinion on every aspect of life and of the world that makes a person complete, well-rounded and knowledgeable and if we don’t give this opportunity to the students on the verge of adulthood then we are depriving ourselves of ideologies rich in passion and dignity.

Scientifically it has been found that by listening and watching we learn more effectively than by pure cramming. Our education system needs to determine its goals and recognize that learning cannot be coordinated with cramming. We are proud that our education system is much more advanced and inclusive in terms of academic performance compared to the United States or the United Kingdom. But we feel inadequate in experience as regards imagination, independent study, and an analytical approach to a subject. In a country like India, which has a magnificent tradition and can boast of diversity in geography, culture, morals, and values very rarely seen in this wide world, the purpose of education should be to empower a student about the value system that is indispensable for a good life. There has been a breakdown in our belief system that should be inculcated in a student by the educational institutes – that’s why there are increased incidences of underage pregnancy, scandals, student pornography, and suicide-related academic distress. Ignorance, it was said, is bliss. Once again we never know true happiness without knowledge. What good will our life be if we refuse to move on to the generation that is building itself something substantial? It would be a pity not to recognize that the aim of learning is bliss, and that ignorance in the face of the opportunities the world has to offer is nothing but discomfort.

A balanced approach to the academic career of a student will improve one’s life and make him/her a better contributor to our society, country, and human civilization. Why is moral upbringing important to children? What influence do folk tales, legends, and fragments have? Value-based education inculcates in children a sense of relation to their heritage.

The first thing which strikes me about education is the benefit of knowledge. Training brings us world awareness around us and turns it into something greater. It provides a viewpoint of looking at life inside us. It allows us to shape opinions and to have views on issues in life. People are debating whether education is the only thing that gives information. Many claims that education is the process of acquiring information about the world around, while knowledge is something completely different. They have got it right. But then again, information without education can’t be turned into expertise. Training among other things makes us capable of understanding stuff. It’s not just about Textbook lessons. It’s about life lessons. Education is a must for every person who lives in this country. Doctors, scientists, farmers, musicians, authors, and full-time natives all work together to create a beautiful, vibrant place for this world. It has the power to embellish your world.

Training helps individuals develop. It opens your eyes to a lot of issues you haven’t been exposed to before, and classrooms encourage healthy debate on difficult topics. Training helps develop social skills, problem-solving skills, decision-making skills and creative thinking skills. It exposes you to various cultures, religions, and thinking processes that you may never be exposed to. Education also provides the real world with a stepping stone, providing several different courses on acceptable financial strategies, life planning, and personal growth.

Value-based education is the only means that can give the right direction for our young people. A value-based education system is needed in India. The education program should treat education in a holistic way. There is no question that education without values will produce students, physicians, engineers, and so on, but it cannot produce educated human beings that were considered to be the key educational motto. That’s a million-dollar issue before our new system of education. The imparting of proper values among students is important. A child learns a lot from the people of his surroundings. When the social climate is not successful then he would find it very difficult to demonstrate principles and morals in his behavior. We hear it all over, kids, students go astray. Newspapers report how polluted our educational institutes are. And how the students get involved in the behaviors of crime, drug abuse, and anti-discipline. Only the value-based education is the way to solve these problems. It should be incorporated from elementary to higher education on a large scale into our current educational curriculum. It has to be part of everyday life and life is continuous education and the life cycle is a learning process.

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