How To Stay Productive While Working At Home

How To Stay Productive While Working At Home The message is loud and clear. We need to stay indoors. The rest of the world is on lockdown and people are advised to work from home. It’s a scary time, we know, and being quarantined has made a huge impact in our lives. The limits of things we are able to do with our time has been interrupted and we put a tremendous amount of adjusting to a new norm. Here are some tips on how you can make this time more productive when you’re working from home.

Set up a work space If you are working from home, set up a space exclusively designated for work. This way, you define a clear boundary so that your work and home life don’t overlap. Make your workspace as functional as possible. Try keep your work environment free from interruptions that will get you sidetracked or pull you out of your flow.

Prioritize and organize There is only so much you can do on a given day, thus planning is the key to effective time management. Make a to-do list and make it specific. Break down the tasks and make sure the most urgent ones are taken cared of first. This keeps you focused and allows you to get them executed within a time frame. It is easier to get things done when you know exactly what you need to do.

Communicate The constraints of social distancing and working remotely may have affected our life but technology keeps us connected in spite of being isolated. Go beyond emailing. Conduct virtual meetings with coworkers and managers to stay connected and on point. This way, you can ask questions, discuss, exchange ideas or tackle problems just like in the usual office setting.

Take a break There is this misconception that men think that continuously working for long hours improves the result they generate. Hardly true. Your productivity suffers if you’re working non-stop. Our brains and body need to rest from time to time. Take some breaks. Get up and move around the house or go out for a walk for a change of scenery. Breathe in some fresh air. Stretch and move your muscles. Or get yourself something to eat, preferably something healthy. Or maybe, you can

.. Meditate This scary time has caused us a spike of anxiety. There is so much going on in the world right now that is giving us too much fear and causing too much stress. Now is the best time to mute the noise and incorporate meditation in your new work routine. Go inward and spend time with yourself. Time to disconnect from the fear and put your headspace in a place of calm. Be tech-free for a while. Get off the internet. Put off your phone. Take your mind off the stress. Become conscious of your energy and direct it in a way that serves you better. The negativity and the stress will affect your productivity. So take some time for yourself so that you can get back on track with your work with optimum efficiency.

Make the most out of your time With the extra free time that you are getting while working remotely, why not make the most of it? Remember that dusty, old book hidden in your shelf that you promised to read a long time ago, or that music instrument you have always wanted to play but didn’t have the time to learn, or that project that you keep on putting aside? That, and all those things you have been planning to add to your list that you have been planning to do, you can do them now. Get lost in a new book. Declutter and organize the Marie Kondo way. Develop a new fitness routine. Tackle some home improvement projects. Pick up the phone and call friends and family. Or do art and be creative. Relax and unwind. It is all up to you to do just about anything that makes this big change in your life to work on your advantage.

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