: March 2020

How To Stay Productive While Working At Home

How To Stay Productive While Working At Home The message is loud and clear. We need to stay indoors. The rest of the world is on lockdown and people are advised to work from home. It’s a scary…

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Where to Stay – Hotel or Airbnb?


Choices are endless for travelers when it comes to finding a place to stay.  But which would you choose, a hotel or airbnb? Your choice of accommodation relies on the nature of your travel and your personal preference….

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Questions to ask in a job interview

job interview

Job interviews may be a tad bit stressful but that doesn’t stop you from asking the questions you need to be well-informed about the job that you are applying for. A one-way interview is as uninteresting as it…

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Why school integration is important

school integration

Integrated schools aim to promote socially equitable access to educational facilities and resources regardless of the student’s racial identity. School integration, also known as school desegregation, is on the narrow track of removing racial barriers and discriminatory policies….

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Social Butterfly

social butterfly

How To Make Friends Abroad: Moving into another country is not without consequences. Imagine how it feels to live in a country with a culture different from your own. The thought alone is daunting. Approach this experience with an…

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